Folk Night at the Robin Hood c1994

I love this picture, even though i drew it myself. I have fond memories of many healing nights in the place when I had not much else to do and nowhere else to go. I never got drunk, I couldn't afford it, but yes, it was the sort of place where you went in and the landlord was already pouring your drink, and most people nodded as you went you your favourite spot.

The Robin Hood has long been tarted up and everyone has moved on. As for the picture, I like the ethereal look.

Is it stretching credibility to suggest a resemblance to the style of Edvard Munch?
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Weasels Ate My Fish said...

Fine drawings indeed WW, expressed entirely through the medium of Courage Ales.

Edvard 'Monster' Munch? Apparently his painting The Ice Cream was recently stolen by the Walls gang. The police were able to track them down easily as they'd left the chimes on during their escape.