Violent Rapists accuse police of unfair profiling

Cyril Snead
Cyril Snead, a convicted rapist with a history of violence and terrible blogging has today complained that the police use unfair profiling procedures when trying to identify perpetrators of recent violent crimes. Speaking from inside Marbella Open Prison, Snead, 52, said, "I find it offensive that everytime a sex crime with violence was committed in Didsbury (Snead's former home) I was picked up and interviewed. Why aren't they arresting Weird people with bouffant hair and a liking for choral music and pringle sweaters? I would have thought they are the most obvious suspects in cases where poor women, who, let's face it are up for it if they wear Jimmy Choos and a halter neck top, are raped and then cut up a bit.

Speaking in Mr Snead's defence, Bernice Sansmates,  MP for Didsbury, said:

Now that we have secured the right to vote for people like Mr Snead, he will be able to take a more pro-active part in this multisexual society, a society which delights in diversity of sexual needs and life-style choices. Indeed, when Labour is once back in power, we shall be ring-fencing £9 millon to promote rapist cohesion within all inner city communities and encouraging local schools to have convicted rapists come and talk about their adventures.


Jim Baxter said...

OK, that's funny. I'm giving you that. Now, that's enough profiling (Ed.).

and, btw,

And so say all of us.

Wrinkled Weasel said...

Ok, no more profiling stuff. It has done the course.

I wonder if you know who is in the picture? Topic relevant. I did not want to get done for defamation. I thought about putting Ted Bundy in there, but he just does not look like an evil serial killer. (Irony fully intended)

Brian said...

Jim, is WW writing about offender/ behavioural profiling as in the Hannibal Lector films etc, or criminal analysis and crime mapping? Have a read at this document:
especially the section on target (now subject) profiles, one of the four intelligence products.
Profiling is just another tool at the police's disposal, and like all tools it's designed for particular functions.

strapworld said...

WW I reckon you have discovered a vote winner for the Labour Party!

Jim Baxter said...

Thanks Brian. Key phrase was 'btw'.

The police are under a legal obligation to pursue all lines of inquiry. This sometimes leads them, often reluctantly, into the grasp of 'experts' who are only expert incompetents and charlatans, whose 'expertise' the police are not qualified to assess.

WW - that picture is you, isn't it?