I'm Spartacus and it's Ryan Giggs

nobody in particular
To draw a football analogy, Bloggers 5, Ambulance Chasers 0. The law has come into further disprepute over the super injunction fiasco. Not content to chase public bodies for ludicrous amounts of compensation (which they always settle out of court) for allowing their employees to use a stapler without proper training, Messrs Sue, Grabbit and Runne have of late mined a deep vein of cash in the form of super injunctions. These have been taken out by, as far as I can tell, utter nobodies. Had these nonentities gone to Max Clifford for maximum exposure, poor Max would not have been able to match the amount of chatter that the name Ryan Giggs has generated. Apart from the fact that he is an octogenarian in terms of a football career I knew little of the man, and could not have cared less who he was playing away with. In the bubble of mediocrity and sychophancy in which he lives, Mr Giggs somehow felt that his reputation should come before freedom of speech, particularly the freedom that is taken away by people with money.

So yes, I am Spartacus and I name Ryan Giggs as the utter git who has attempted to gag the free press.

Line up folks and join the chorus.

(PS, I live in Scotland.)

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