Thunderbirds are Go! Again!

The news this week, that Gerry Anderson is to begin work on a brand new series of Thunderbirds has warmed the welks of me ticker.

I was a great customer for comics in the Sixties, and one of my regulars was TV Century 21. It revealed, to those of us in the UK, that Thunderbirds was actually, and fantastically, in COLOR!

I had the privilege of meeting Oliver Postgate before he died. I and a group of fellow worshippers ( who discussed our preference for Noggin the Nog or Muffin the Mule, both now considered illegal acts) were able to see the actual creations of Professor Yaffle and Bagpuss, in the fluff.

But I would likewise adore to meet the creator of Tracy Island and Lady Penelope. I used to imagine I might have a fling with Lady Penelope, but it turns out she is only about 18 inches tall and is not interested in a no-strings relationship.

I never saw the live action movie because the critics panned it, and it seemed to me that it would sully my memories. No, I prefer Thunderbirds as envisaged by Gerry and his Mrs. It's all about the future you see, the future we were supposed to have had, not the future we actually have.

Apparently, I am not the only fan. Dire Straits loved it and got Anderson to re-create the feel of Thunderbirds for a video. Ah, Bliss, that such a bastard as I could be in heaven for a moment.

Dire Straits - Calling Elvis
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Brian said...

Choices, choices. Violet Creams or these stamps?

Dick Puddlecote said...

I grew up with Oliver Postgate kids programmes, so it was a big surprise to watch a documentary about him and find out that he was an extreme left-winger who used the medium to inject leftist ideas into everything he did.

I can't remember the documentary name, but it wasn't a derogatory one, more a celebration of how good he was at doing so.

I've kinda cooled on the Clangers since.

Brian said...

Brother Puddlecote,
As his father was Raymond Postgate and his mother was the daughter of George Lansbury I'm not surprised he was a pinko. Didn't Bagpuss give the game away?
I watched all of his progs from Pogles Wood to Ivor The Engine but with the obvious property is theft theme of Captain Pugwash, I never noticed any bias. Postgate was an English radical free thinker.
I think you mean A Life in Small Films.
Power To The People!

Jim Baxter said...

Proudhon. He was the one who said property is theft. Not Marx, Not that anybody posting on this blog would have got that wrong.

You get a better class of eejit on WWW. Nuow Pogle...

Foxy Brown said...

I used to imagine I might have a fling with Lady Penelope

You as well - I used to have a thing about Captain Scarlet.