Guest Post - Clams Linguini

When Mr Linguini suggests he do a guest post here on WWW it is churlish to decline. Mr Linguini is connected, and he will be the first to admit that he is no pillar of society. Neither am I, and that is how I want it to stay, particularly if my pillar is encased in ReadyMix Concrete and is propping up the new High Speed Rail Link. So here are some words from Clams Linguini, and you had better be polite to Mr Linguini if you enjoy climbing Munros and eating food with a knife and fork. (WW)

Not his best friends would deny in any kind of denial that John Gotti, rest in peace, made some mistakes. Big among the mistakes that not his best friends would deny is maybe saying too much about his business when the Feds was listening in that apartment room that he said too much in.
Some say that Chin Gigante, The Oddfather,  rest in peace, knew how come it was that John’s car got blown up that time but without John being in it at the time but being supposed to be, on account of maybe John knew something about how come  Big Paul Castellano, rest in peace, didn’t get no steak dinner put on his Sparks’s Steak House account on account of he got rubbed out on the sidewalk first and John didn’t make it to no sitdown first on account of how he was ordering  Russian hats for his guys instead. But it is better to travel hopefully than to arrive. Those crazy Russians. Whaddya gonna do? Taking out the boss of a five families family when he is travelling hopefully and maybe John and Sammy the Bull were nearby at the time in a nearby car  which don’t prove nothin. You try finding a parking spot on the Upper East Side.
We all gotta go sometime is one thing that maybe John, rest in peace, said to the Feds one time one time they told him that maybe somebody that took his parking spot turned up dead, rest in peace. Some attributize that to Spats Columbo as the first who said that but that is to misinfer. He couldn’t say that being a guy in a movie. No, it was Big Al, rest in peace, who first said that.

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