Coming up on Rock Legacy this week...

You know, I am very enthusiastic about Rock Legacy. It is attracting the kind of people I always hoped it would; musicians who are happy to give time and thought to the pieces we do. True to its remit, the majority of the material is from first hand sources. Fans and historians alike will be able to reference it.

This week I shall be sharing a major interview with Nick Magnus. Nick is well known to the Prog Rock cognoscenti. Nick is best known for his long-term collaboration with Steve Hackett, but has also delivered some stunning solo albums along the way. Earlier, he was a founder member of The Enid. He is an ace when it comes to understanding and breathing life and soul into silicon chip music paraphenalia.

I am indebted to readers for pointing me in the right direction when it comes to subjects. I must single out Smoking Hot, who insisted that I check out Chantel McGregor. Also Dave Clemo, a very accomplished musician in his own right, whose latest material will be explored soon. He tipped me off about Nicki Gillis, who should be in touch soon about her UK tour.

Also coming up, an exclusive demo by Carl Wayne, sadly no longer with us, but well known to fans of The Move. This is one for the vaults and certainly a must have for fans.

If you haven't already done so, check out my interview with Tom McGuinness and read guest writer Raymond Benson on The Canterbury Scene.

I am also delighted, and somewhat relieved, to have completed phase one of The Mike Hurst Story. It's 20,000 words and you can access it on the "Producers" tab.

Readers are encouraged to tell me about their favourite bands and people, and if I like them too, I will do my best to contact them and do a piece.

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