It was a new day yesterday...

Welcome, whoever you are, to Wrinkled Weasel's Blog. Wrinkled Weasel is not my real name. My real name is far too untidy to use in a blog, and besides, WW just about sums me up. FYI I am a fifty-one year old male, living in the UK. I have a wife, Dr Pants, and two reasonably grown up children, Biggles and Sparkie, all of whom I currently love and cherish.

Dr Pants is busy pushing forward the boundaries of science, (virology, I think) and Biggles and Sparkie are students (ugh!) I sit at home and fume about the world and everything in it.

The latter point is why this blog was born. Although in the past, some of my rants have been heard on public platforms, many just get heard by the weary and patient Dr Pants, who frankly, deserves better at the end of a hard day's pontificating.

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Weasels Ate My Fish said...

Wrink, You don't look a day over 49 3/4 and that's a fact.