John Lennon 25 years ago

I can't remember where I was yesterday, let alone 25 years ago. Anyway, some saddo shot Lennon and we must (apparently) consider the legacy.

What I can remember is thinking "Well, that really is the end of the Beatles", as clearly the only reunion was going to be in the afterlife.

No more Beatles? My feeling about the Fabs has not changed. They were four very clever people plus a very clever producer who, collectively created work far better than they ever did as solo artists. And of course they were, and are still, way ahead of anybody else in creativity and artistry. If there is such a thing as collective genius, they were it. Of course the egos took over and Lennon began to think he was Jesus Christ. And then went on to beat his wife and ignore his children. And then wrote an appalling piece of drivel called, "Imagine", which just showed how morally and artistically bankrupt he had become. Perhaps his time had come.

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