Album of the week - Blind Faith

This rather unpreposessing album cover does no justice to what is an incisive cut through the blancmange that was the tail-end of the hippie era.

In fact, the original cover has a photo of a topless pubescent girl, of about 12. She is holding a rather nice model aircraft.

You can't show that any more

With a line-up consisting of Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood, Ginger Baker and Rick Grech
, you would have expected something good, and you would not be disappointed.
It is an album you should make time for and listen to in its entirety, as you pine for the good old days. I suppose i am being only partially ironic. It is raw and unaffected, despite Ginger's drum solo. There is a cover of a Buddy Holly track that works, over and above the original, which is almost sacriligious to say, but true. my favourite is Sea Of Joy
written by Steve Winwood.

It is true to say that here were a band of musicians at a crossroads; they came together for a moment, did something that any rock journeymen would be proud of, and went on to other things.

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