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Here are two albums by the same band, the amazing, unique, Family. Music in a Doll's House is not an easy album but it is full of inventiveness and vigour. It is in some ways psychedelic, but also very hard and heavy. Roger Chapman's warbling voice is rightly foregrounded.

They had a couple of hits, Weaver's Answer and In My Own Time, but they were primarily an Album band. Rich Grech once belonged in the line-up but left to join Blind Faith (see review) so there is a bit of family tree going on.

Sadly they sort of futtered out creatively, but Roger Chapman still gurgles his way through the oldies from time to time.

It gets **** for inventiveness and an intriguing back sleeve photo that i have been unable to locate, of a doll on a toy bicycle.

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Anonymous said...

Have you listened to Hawkwind - "Quark, Strangeness and Charm".

Really cool lyrics.