Late 50's and Early 60's Television

Sitting beside a Radio Set that was bigger than me was my last treat of the day before bedtime. The activity consisted of listening to "The Archers" with a cup of Ovaltine in my little hand.

When the family got a little better off we had the wonders of Black and White television, and I remember the Stars', names that were well known by everyone then;
Russ Conway, Shirley Abicair, Alma Cogan and Hans and Lottie Hass.

In those days you could get away with wearing skimpy speedos and preposterous rubber equipment before the watershed: good old Hans and Lottie. Shirley Abicair looks as if she is having difficulty with her laptop, but I believe it was a Zither. Alma Cogan looked exotic, a sort of domestic version of Carmen Miranda whilst Russ Conway joins the ranks of musicians with fairly crucial body parts missing; in this case a finger. With this plethora of talent, the winter evenings just flew by. There were never any "good old days" of Television. It has always been crap.

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Weasel Ripped My 'Tache said...

Crap indeed, but TV does occasionally churn out the odd cracker,especially in comedy.

I dig the following:

Phoenix Nights
The Might Boosh
Curb Your Enthusiasm (you've just got to see this.)