No more censorship tyranny

This is the picture that Muslims would try to have banned. Well, let them ban it in their own countries, along with other measures such as their oppression of women, supression of other faiths, stifling of artistic freedom and press censorship. But not here in Europe!. If they don't like the way we do things here they can bugger off. Lets us support the freedom to satirise and make jokes about God. I am convinced he is big enough to be able to take it. More if you click HERE

We must never allow noisy minorities to tyrannise the majority, however worthy it may seem. The pursuit of public good and decency is done by the democratic process and the rights of freedom of expression and speech.

All good and proper ideas, religions and interest groups must be tested in the crucible of public scrutiny and if necessary, public ridicule. If it cannot withstand that, perhaps they are not worthy of being called "good".

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