Quattro Formaggio with Cheese COMPETITION!

Yes folks, a real live competition
! And you, Mrs Pants, of 33 Wikipedia Avenue can win, and may already have won an amazing prize! In fact, you stand more chance of winning this than going to DFS and there not being a sale!!!!

Just answer the few piffling questions. If you answer all of them, you will go forward to the lottery and the first person pulled out of the hat will win tarantara!- CHEESY CONTINENTAL HITS, a fab compilation, by me of the cheesyist, catchiest continental tunes on the planet. delivered, in CD format to your door!!!

Here is the track list, just to get you foaming at the mouth:-

Volare -Gypsy Kings

Tinterella di luna -Mina

Brivido Blu- Tony Dallara

Granada -Baccara

O sole mio- three Tenors (if you have to, sing along with "just one cornetto")

Santa Lucia -Mario Lanza

Malafemmena -Roberto Murolo & Mia Martini

On Days Like These -Matt Monroe

Station Ident -Radio Luxembourg

Besame Mucho -Dalida

Ill Mondo- Sergio Endrigo

Volver -Tito Gomez

Cherry Pink -Perez Prado

Zorba’s dance -Mikis Theodrakis

Gelosia -Adriano Celentano

Besame Mucho- Perez Prado

Guaglione- Renato Carasone

Mambo Cubano- Perez Prado

Pazza Idea -Patty Pravo

Arrivederci Roma- Claudio Villa

Come Prima- Domenico Modugno

And now for the questions....

  1. Who is the Fool in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida? (Clue :A deformed and scurrilous Greek)
  2. Who played bass with Jethro Tull on the first three albums and eventually went to Paris?
  3. Which actor played James Bond the most times on Screen?
  4. Who not only played James Bond, but also is popularly (but erroneously) thought to have played the sax solo on Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street"
  5. Which member of the Zappa family did a song about "Valley Girl"
  6. "It's in the trees, it's in the trees!" Which fifties horror b movie did Kate Bush sample on "Hounds of Love" (clues in my blog).
Answers to be in by Thursday, 16th February. If there is more than one winner, they will be put in a hat and someone will be chosen at random. Good Luck!

Send your anwsers to the "comments" section on this post or to my email addy, and you will all be notified of the winner. Please have a go!

(Family members, sub-contractors, worshippers and employees of the Weasel are not eligible to enter) Weasel's decision is final. For a complete set of rules, don't bother


Matt The Next Next 007 said...

1. Anthony Newley – what kind of fool was he.

2. Glenn Cornick

3. Roger Moore

4. Bob Holness.

5. Moon Unit (and Frank of course). Like, totally. Gag me with a spoon.

6. Night of the Demon

wrinkled weasel said...

Congratulations to Mod MC, who got the questions right, apart from question one, where he displayed wit and originality (and knew the real answer anyway; Thersites).

A copy of "Cheesy Continental Hits" will be on its way.