Risibilis - Genie in a Bottle

High Profile Gay Bish, Gene Robinson has had to "come out" once more over revelations that he is an Alcoholic, according to beliefnet.com:

New Hampshire Bishop V. Gene Robinson, the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church, is undergoing treatment for his "increasing dependence on alcohol," Robinson said in a letter to the 49 churches in his diocese. Robinson, 58, voluntarily checked himself into an undisclosed facility on Feb. 1 for a four-week stay. Robinson said in the letter, dated Monday (Feb. 13), that he had the support of his partner, Mark Andrew, and his two daughters. "Over the 28 days I will be here, I will be dealing with the disease of alcoholism -- which, for years, I have thought of as a failure of will or discipline on my part, rather than a disease over which my particular body simply has no control, except to stop drinking altogether," Robinson wrote.
I believe that, when fully recovered from this debilitating malady, Gene will find that he has relevant transferable skills and will get a great job as Chaplain to The Liberal Democrats.

I shall reserve making further cheap jibes about the Bishop unless he is discovered to have a James Blunt CD in his collection, in which case, he will be fair game.

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