Artist of the Week - DMITRY SHOSTAKOVICH

VIOLIN CONCERTO no.2 in C sharp minor, Op.129 David Oistrakh

It is so strange that in the era of flower power and the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour there came in the month of September 1967 the premiere of Shostakovich's Violin Concerto no 2, written for and performed by David Oistrakh. Strange because the first time I heard it, it had an almost hypnotic, drug-like effect on me.

It had been playing on Radio Three on the BBC one lunchtime. I was listening in the car, and had to pull over. The intensity of the piece made it impossible for me to concentrate on anything else, let alone driving, so there I sat, in a lay-by, riveted until it finished. It made me listen. It buried its soul in my heart. The only music I can think of now, off hand, that does that to me is Mark E Smith's band, The Fall.

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