Artist of the Week - SAHB

Yes, the Sensational Alex Harvey Band. They were theatrical, they were camp, the amps were on "11" and the energy levels were off the scale.

Some Crucial Alex Harvey tracks:-

  • Action Strasse
  • Next
  • Man in the Jar
  • Boston Tea Party
  • Framed
This is possibly one of the most exciting acts ever, and I never even saw them live! There was a sense of high theatricality; the whole look of the band from Alex's picaresque punk sailor, to Zal Cleminson's clown make up made you believe a truckoad of zanies had escaped, or perhaps The Harelquin and The Captain from the Commedia del Arte. The music was tight, fresh, pulsating and a bit scary.
Sadly Alex Harvey died twenty years ago, but SAHB (without Alex) is apparently still touring, with a new, exciting front man. I very much hope to see them.

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