John Profumo dies

Impropriety there was not in my acquaintanceship with Miss Keeler, no there was not.

Looking back at this, it was a very British affair: a posh bloke what was a minister in the Macmillan government and a young "model". This was presumably on the basis that one does not have sordid affairs with one's social equals. A bit of rough was required, that way you don't run into them in Waitrose when the wife is with you.

But I am more interested in THE CHAIR. The famous chair in the Morley photo is a cheap copy of the Arne Jacobsen original, with the addition of a small aperture in the back, done to avoid the obvious patent violation. For a comparison go HERE

The Jacobsen chair oozes style - the copy, even though it was from Heal's, oozes IKEA.

"She later said she kept her knickers on. She didn't, but I won't argue with that." (Lewis Morley - photographer)

Several people wanted to be in it.

John Profumo himself was not particularly good looking, and latterly could have earned a bit of money doing YODA impressions.

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