Question Time

Now that the Mary-Ann Leneghan case is over bar sentencing, and I hope the bastards never, ever get out of jail, is it not time to consider two salient issues: the Probation Service, long run and informed by the soft, credulous liberal humanists who dont want to be nasty to poor young men from broken homes and the Blair government for totally failing to tackle organised drug dealing and the gun crime and violence that goes with it?

And one other thing. What was a sixteen year-old girl doing out that late without the police being alerted to her absence? Nobody is willing to ask, but I want to know what the parents were doing, letting her get into that situation in the first place.

Since it has emerged that these scumbags who did the torture, rape and murder were known to the police, why is it that they were allowed to operate freely as gun toting drug dealers?

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