Frankenstein - "F" in the A to Zee of crucial movies

Now, I could have mentioned French Connection, the gritty cop movie with Gene Hackman as PopEye Doyle, who hangs on to his quarry like a ...well like a Weasel. With lines like, "I'm booking you for picking your feet in Poughkeepsie" it had to be a winner. Great. I could have chosen Fargo, and deservedly so, with Frances McDormand's Oscar Winning performance. But. It had to be Frankenstein. The original, with Boris Karloff. Not because it is a great movie or art or particularly anything, but because it plants the genre firmly in its place and because it is about an outsider who has been pre-programmed to repel and revolt. The monster with aspergers - he doen't understand why people regard him with horror. Ultimately he is rejected because he is different - ok, also because he kills people - but still, I felt sorry for him in the end.

Also worth a mention for curiosity value - Tod Browning's Freaks.(cast photo above) For years this movie was banned everywhere. It's a simple plot. The setting is a circus full of real life freaks. A beautiful, "normal" trapeze artist plans to relieve the circus midget of his fortune and then kill him. But it all backfires and the freaks exact a terrible revenge.

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a.c.t said...

Freaks sounds interesting I must get it. Sounds a bit grim, but the grimmer the better. Boris Karloff has made two films with 'Bikini' in the title. The other one apart from the one you mentioned on my blog (I thought you'd be interested to know) is Bikini Beach (1964.