Album of the Week - Songs for Swingin' Lovers

The songs on Frank Sinatra's Songs for Swingin' Lovers are so imprinted on our brains that you can almost be not conscious of them. The album was released 50 years ago this year and is as sparkling, as swinging and as vital as the day it was pressed.

I well remember it from my dad's record collection, and how it regularly got plays on the turntable. What else is there to be said about Frank's phrasing, his seemingly effortless and seemless affinity with the material, Nelson Riddle's tight, punchy arrangements and the sheer effervessence that comes out like a cork from a champagne bottle and never goes flat.

It's impossible to pick out individual tracks. This is an album that does five gold stars from beginning to end. Gets my ars longa vita brevis award for classic status


Jules said...

Yes. How do you rate 'the Mrs Robinson years'? I love it better, but no one else does.

Stuart Buchanan said...

You bring back memories! I remember going out and buying this at a record shop in Sloane Street and then wandering into Harrods and buying a Black Box gramophone to play it on.

That Black Box with its then state of the art high fidelity reproduction and the collection of Nelson Riddle Sinatra arrangements became my pride and joy in those days of yore.

I am glad I discovered your blog...most entertaining. I shall return...