Crazy things I did number2 - met Thatcher

Well actually, she met me. I was in a corridor, somewhere, and she looked over to me, and walked over. Mrs Margaret Thatcher, asking me questions.

We started chatting. I can't remember much about the conversation because situations like that are so surreal you tend to spend the moment in mild hallucinatory panic.

I also winked at Norma Major, and she did not take kindly to that.

This item contains a picture of me because I could not bring myself to put a pic of Mrs T on my blog.

I really do not make these up.


Jules said...

We're not interested in your winking at Norma, we want to know why you didn't kill MT

wrinkled weasel said...

a lot of people want to know that. she just sort of mesemerised me with her handbag.

Closest I ever came to changing the course of history, and I blew it.

Now if it was Tony Blair, I would have the ricin ready in my pocket to stuff it down his lying bastard throat.