Guest Contributor - COLONEL MOUTARDE

Hello Bottom Feeders! What Crapulous dick feed this blog is. Weasel needs a good slap if you ask me.

Notice the French theme? That's because I cannot help laughing out loud about those crunchy frogs who are now deeper in the merde than our own M Blair. As if Jacques Chirac has not got enought problems when his presidential immunity runs out, it now transpires that himself and his mate, Dominique de Villepin, has been a bit careless with the French Security Services when it comes to getting a bit of dirt on the opposition.

As we know the French spooks are not averse to shafting people they don't like, or even blowing them up.

Of course it will all blow over amid more backhanders, corrupt local officials and "friendly" media sources. Apparently, the key witness in the affair is now refusing to speak. I love the French sense of Justice. ....J'Accuse!!!! (clever bastards will get the ironic nuance in that expression)

And Paris stinks of piss and beggars.

your best mate, COLONEL MUSTARD


wrinkled weasel said...

Colonel Mustard. Why don't you get your own blog and stop hacking into mine?

And anyway your clever dick reference to the Dreyfus affair and Zola's retort have a hollow ring.Your point Is a non sequitur

Zola said, "la verite est en marche et rien ne l'arretera". In this case it most certainly is not.

now go away.

Lesley McDade said...

Colonel Dijon!!

Je t'aime les francais et Paris surtout "Fifi".

C'est tres chic le haute couture

Bernard Arnault, un bon homme, n'est pas, tres exclusif!

Mais, j'aime le justice - liberty, fraternity, egalitie.

Pour le conspiracy de l'Europe - - Mediation.

J'ai un ami francais, et nous nous allons a partie. Sur la porte, un homme anglais dit: "quelle et le mot de passe". Je dit: les grenouilles. Le porte ouvert: un sac du papier est donne. Il est des jambes de les grenouilles - bon bons surtout!!!

On rirant, n'est-ce pas!

Excuse moi, ma pauvre francais!!

L'espionage intelligence anglais!!