Max again

For the chicken people, Max is thought to be a Poland Creole cockerel. He is a great chap and especially fond of looking out for Alice, our special needs chicken.


Jules said...

Sorry Weaz', you can't say 'special needs' anymore. Your chuck has 'barriers to learning'.

wrinkled weasel said...

Thank you Jules for bringing me right up to date on the politically correct phrase. I guess "special needs" must be conigned to the newspeak dictionary revision list.

Of course, I prefer the concise and to the point, "loony".

Alice's barriers to learning are that even if she was a clever chicken (and there are some) her brain would be the size of a pea. As it is, she is the sort of hen that would get on quite well without the inconvenience of a head. But I am not about to try the theory out.