The neodialectic paradigm of consensus and the cultural paradigm of narrative

  1. Fellini and the cultural paradigm of narrative

  2. Discourses of economy

  3. Predeconstructive discourse and the capitalist paradigm of reality

  4. Expressions of stasis

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Jon Cox said...

Hello My Friend!! :o)
Thank you so much for your comment! I truly appreciate it so much & YOU ARE EXACTLY RIGHT ABOUT MY WORK!!! :o)
I think Alice Cooper would be AWESOME!!!! :o) Thank you so much for the idea!! Your comment means ALOT! Thank you again!!

wrinkled weasel said...

You are welcome Jon.

Of course this "essay" is me having a laugh.

if you look out there in cyberspace, you will find a "postmodern generator" that will custom make you a totally nonsensical but legitimate sounding essay.

Jules said...

Your blog set up for the next cybercentury then Weaz'!