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I went exploring out there to see what other people do on their blogs. It's depressing. They moan and moan and moan. They talk about getting drunk the night before. They moan about their jobs or how highly paid or not they are. They particularly moan when they live in London because, for some reason, London is the centre of the universe.

Well London stinks of piss and is full of beggars. Its overpriced restaurants serve shite to the credulous overpaid wannabees who live there. In London you live in a crap suburb, in a flat that costs more than a small county and you still think it is cool that your phone rings all the time, since it proves you have friends.

Your idea of a good time is that you cannot remember what you did the night before. Just as well your memory fails you, because last night was just as joyless and synthetic as they all are.




lime said...

lol, sounds like a little slice of heaven. myself? i try to avoid the depressing posts. thanks for the comments and yes...'travels with charley' is a favorite.

Becca said...

The expression is absolutely priceless :D


* (asterisk) said...

You came to my blog. Thanks for stopping by. We have movies in common, at least. I used to live in London. But it stinks of piss and is full of beggars. And it's too bloody expensive to buy there.

I guess I moan, all the same. But I think I spend some time not moaning, too. This post from today is full of joy, you'll find.

Until next time, WW.

* (asterisk)

Jules said...

So did I (take a look around blogs). Most bloggers male have aspergers I reckon and most of the gals porn-artiste ambition.