So, you ask. What exactly is the PANTS OF DESTINY AWARD?

It's a prediction - the Weasel's prediction of something that is crap about the way our society is going.

In this case, Classical CDs at major record stores.

I took a look recently in Borders (who have a deal with Amazon) and HMV for a Classical CD. Neither had it, and neither did Amazon.

You see, classical music is now a niche, niche market. If you want James Blunt, you can get the fucker anywhere. But Sibelius? Not a lot.

It looks as if the major stores are winding down their classical sections. In fact, they have ceased to be truly classical at all, instead preferring those putrid "cross over" recordings and the likes of "Il Divo" and Hayley Westernrarse. For a Grumpy Old Man, like me, it is the end of civilisation.

Sooner or later, you won't seen classical cds in the shops. You will have to go to a specialist. Bum!

And as the pants of destiny creep up the bum of time, we say, "goodbye" to classical cds in record stores.


Jules said...

Oh don't be so knave WW. Everyone's known since the eighties, you don't get anything other than Te kanawa or Andreas bottitttiocccielli.

Matt The Next Next 007 said...

Same with jazz. I mean, I never see any Cecil Taylor CDs in Tescos or Woolies. What is the world coming to?

Cecil Taylor is the best. Him and Richard Clayderman. Their duets album is something to behold.

Jules said...

well you wouldn't, would you silly! They hate eachother. RC had an affair with Ena Bagga, the love sister of CT's second aunty crossed with Basie's drummer - turned out modern jazz