Guest Contributor - Captain Nice

Hello there fwiends. (Well I certainly hope I can call some of you my Fwiends) Captain Nice here. The superhewo who fights the constant battle against all things not nice, and does wandom acts of kindness. I want to tell you about my newly acquired super power; that is, the ability to tell which sweets and candies you like, just by squeezing your hand!

As superpowers go, it's one of the less useful ones, but I have to count my blessings.
Nice weather we are having. All the best fwom your fwiend, CAPTAIN NICE


Lesley McDade said...

Liquorice Allsorts
Jelly Beans
Wine Gums
Midget Gems
Pear drops
Aniseed Balls
and Sour Plumes

You can squeeze my hand any time!!

Have you got Wotten teeth.

Cynnie said...

I believe you would have an easier time telling me what sort of sweets i like by grabbing a handful of my fat ass..
your guess ?
All sweets..

Pie said...

What about poor people with no hands? How can they get their sweeties?

wrinkled weasel said...

pie... Yes. Poor people with no hands, legless people like poor Heather Mills McCartney who prefer to use toes, and people who are phobic about hand shaking, are going to be marginalised by this. I am sure Captain Nice may come back on this. But having seen your blog, I am sure you can use your fertile, if slightly alarming, imagination!!!!