How Prescient

This Side of Paradise is F Scott Fitzgerald's first novel and in many ways it is best read when you are yourself young. It is a sort of way-mark for youthful discovery. In retrospect, the book seems to me to be a warning of things to come; an anatomy of the formative processes that led ultimately to the Gordon Gekko generation that said that "Greed is Good" The main protagonist is Amory Blaine. He is a young man who is coming to terms with life and love around him. In the end he is morally bereft and cynical and has set the mood for the awakening of the American Dream:

"I detest poor people," thought Amory suddenly. "I hate them for being poor. Poverty may have been beautiful once, but it's rotten now. It's the ugliest thing in the world. It's essentially cleaner to be corrupt and rich than it is to be innocent and poor." He seemed to see again a figure whose significance had once impressed him—a well-dressed young man gazing from a club window on Fifth Avenue and saying something to his companion with a look of utter disgust. Probably, thought Amory, what he said was: "My God! Aren't people horrible!"


* (asterisk) said...

That sounds a cheery read! Like the new look, Weas.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like an interesting book! Thank you so much for your comment at well, I appreciate it A LOT! You are exactly right. I was told I should take pictures of them all in front of a white wall or a piece of black velvet so people know what they're looking at. People really do need to see these & I've been trying sooooo hard to make that happen. Thank you so much for your comment, as well as advice, I appreciate it A LOT! :o)

Wystful1 said...

I just scrolled down your entire blog and had to stop at night train.....hmmmmmm, I remember this song. What a great rhythmic piece of music.

Awesome blog you have here!!!

a.c.t said...

I might give it a read, especially as it's best read when you are young and I am fast approaching 30. Fitzgerald would have a field day if he were around in certain parts of the UK today. I can just imagine him saying "I detest these peroxide blonde people with prams going back to their fish supper in their council flats".

Cynnie said... weakness..southern writers..
The Pat Hobby Stories are his jaded and broken by the hollywood system..