I enjoy the occasional 18 year old

Living north of the border you sort of have to have at least a couple of single malts on the go. It helps you cope with the shite weather.

At the moment I have a Bowmore 12 year-old, and an 18 year-old Caol Ila, (pron. cowell eela) a more subtle, but still peaty Islay. We are lucky enough to live near a distillery, the Glenkinchie, also one of my favourites and quite popular with our visitors too!

It is best sampled in the far north. When you experience a dreach highland day and you look out at the mist shrouded glens, a glass of single malt somehow is just the right thing, as if the atmosphere around you has infused the glass of whisky with its calling card.


Lesley McDade said...

Well my folks live in whiskey country in the Highlands, when I am home, my local distillery is "Ord Distillery", albeit I have never drunk any but have given a bottle as a wee pressie.

I am not a whiskey drinker, but do like a "Baileys with crushed ice".

I have tasted the Skye malts which I like for medicinal purposes - a hot toddy when I have had the flu.

Happy tippling

a.c.t said...

Almost makes me want to drink whisky, but I'm grateful that there is ONE alcoholic drink I don't like. If I start drinking that I may have to move on to meths.