Sorry to be a little bit political here. Well I am not sorry actually, cos it's my blog and I'll plodging do what i like.

The Metropolitan Police have raided a house, searching for some sort of chemical weapon. Somebody got shot (again) and nothing has been found.

They say they had compelling "intelligence". Is this the same kind that insisted there were WMD'S?

They went in heavy. So, ok maybe they thought they needed to. So, there is a terrorist threat.

But if they have gotten this so badly wrong, (again) the Met are going to look like utter plonkers and bastards. This does not bode well for community relations and the public relations disaster that will follow. If they carry on like this we will have a situation where there are mass riots and looting, because there will be those who will use the police stance as an excuse for it.

Someone has to tell them that Asian appearence, plus islamic beard, does not equate 100% with terror suspect. They really do seem to run on tram lines in their thinking.

At least Black People can relax for a while.

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Red said...

Yes, this incident is beginning to look rather bleak for the Met, isn’t it?

And didn’t you think it odd that, with all their compelling intelligence, the police couldn’t even release the correct names of the victim and his brother until several days after the shooting?

Nobody’s safe from the threat of “compelling intelligence”. Jean Charles De Menezes didn’t exactly look like the embodiment of Islamic radicalism. Incidentally, neither did the 7/7 bombers, with their baseball hats and whatnot...