Oscar Peterson - Easy Does It

Of all the masterpieces on the Verve label, "Night Train" is the one which so comfortably fits into a "mood slot" It's late at night. You have a bourbon on the rocks and another cigarette. The scent of someone special lingers, fanned by the half open book you never could quite finish. You feel mellow and replete. This is the record to go with your mood.

Someone called C.M-T played it for me, many years ago. We drank Eau de Vie and talked of life, and later in the morning light drove along the foothills of the Massif de la Chartreuse.

Not the sort of moment you can forget. Thank you, C.

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a.c.t said...

I have to say this song has grown on me. When I first heard I wasn't keen at all but as I've been hearing it more and more as I've been lookingat your blog. I can just imagine it being the soundtrack to an evening by a roaring fire and a drink or two...