Burberry in trouble

300 jobs at the Burberry factory in Wales are presently in jepoardy but nevermind because ......curly haired local luvvie, IOwoon grFFFFthdd is sending a message of support.
Thats good.

A company blurb says,

Burberry has been a very successful luxury British brand. It has been performing well and has successfully moved upmarket.

But it has been able to do that because the Burberry brand communicates British glamour and British craftsmanship. If they take away the British craftsmanship, they risk losing the glamour too.

Well I didn't see that one coming. Does Burberry "communicate glamour"? I thought it communicated that you were about to nick my car or throw up into your handbag after downing six bottles of WKD.

Businesses have to be smart and keep control of their brands, hence the row over Levis in supermarkets. When the day comes that you can buy Converse Allstars at Lidl, you know you are in trouble.


a.c.t said...

Welcome back Wease!
Lovely photo, I do love the Burberry cap look. And look at the classy chap lurking in the background with his Fred Perry - I do love Cardiff.

* (asterisk) said...

It's like Cristal and the Cognac brands with hip hop. They don't court it because in some ways it harms their prestige image. But it also undoubtedly brings them sales, so they can't knock it too much. Catch-22.