Thanks Weas. Kewl. Oh My God I cannot believe it? Here I am on the Weasel's blog? But of course he is sooooooo old and probably a perv but anyway my My Space is crap and I am soooooo emo at the mo. Ur gonna be right mad at me enewy because I am not going out becoz I woz soooooo drunk last night and I woke up in my peejays (who put those on) with blue WKD dribbling out of my studs. And I was like, "Oh.My.God Ive got my peejays on and I was wearing ruched cargos and a tube last time I looked ...ssddd


* (asterisk) said...

Kewl, indeed.

Emo Mum said...

I put you to bed dear, with elephant, teddy and beanbag frog.

xxx Mum