Guest Contributor - CAPTAIN NICE

The Weasel is really pleased to have tracked down Captain Nice, an old friend and contributor to the blog. (Note to new readers, the Captain uses fairly unsophisticated voice recognition technology to dictate his blogs, so please forgive the literal spellings of his special way of speaking)

Hello Fwiends, Captain Nice here.

I missed the Weasel's blog dweadfully and the nice cosy talks we had about how bad the world can be and how it is my job to make nice things happen, wegardless of my own personal welfare.

My superpowers are modest, I admit, but I can get about quickly, discern the flavours of potato chips (crisps to you Brits) without tasting them, tell if a person is lying by inspecting their tongue,
the ability to tell which sweets and candies you like, just by squeezing your hand! and best of all, and this is a wecent addition to my arsenal, I can suppress farts for up to 36 hours at a time! All this on top of my special skill of disarming those who would spwead wecwimination and wancour. Of course, I have been twying to mediate between your Pwime Minister Blair and Chancellor Bwown. I cannot divulge my method, but suffice to say that it needs more work.

Ah well, time to go. I just love the Fall. Machiasport is my home and my home and my heart are open to you all should you ever be in Maine.

Kind Wegards

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