The Sarah Wilmshurst fan club

I am getting older. There is no denying it. I forget things, I pee my pants, I wake up sweating because I think I am a serial killer. You have been there havn't you?

Well, to make things easier for me I am asking my friends to accommodate this small whim: I wish, from now on to call all my friends and relatives "Sarah Wilmshurst".

My reasons for this are simple. This name is friendly, has lots of fluffy, positive connotations, is fairly politically neutral, and is easily pronounced.

So from now on, please do not be confused if I refer to people as "Sarah Wilmshurst".

Of course if the real, pneumatic and tender, Sarah Wilmshurst meets me I shall be somewhat at a loss. But I will cope. I will.

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Camie Vog said...

Glad to see you have returned! And what a comeback it is. There is so much for me to read, I need to return a bit later so I can enjoy every word.