Ann Widdecombe's Week HIGNFY

Dear Readers

I had a delightful time on "
Have I got News for You" . You don't realise it unless you are in the studio, but Ian Hislop is tiny. They have to put him on a soft cushion. Everyone in the studio seems to use inhalers of some sort and their noses drip all over the script.

Of course I knew they would bring up the old "something of the night" chestnut, as if it is the only thing I ever said. I also said that Michael Howard smelt of Maltesers, and couldn't pronounce "risible" without making everyone in the department burst out laughing, but I said it on the day we invaded Iraq, so you probably missed it.

David Starkey says that I am bossy and make him want to vomit. No dear, that's the mouth full of cock. Take it out at once.

Yours Ann

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