BBC watch

Recent reports over the deaths of prostitutes in Ipswich have been slewed by biased old BBC.

Interviews with "the girls" have been along the lines of "In the light of the deaths, why are you still on the streets?" A fair question, but the reply, a quite disingenuous reply and a fairly deceitful one, has gone unchallenged.

In reply to the reporter's question, the reply has been "there are bills to be paid, Christmas is coming, my children need to eat"

If only that were really the case. The real answer is that prostitutes work the streets to buy money for hard drugs because over 95% are substance addicted. This means that the children will not eat, bills will not be paid and Christmas will not happen.

Sadly these deaths are caused by some loony at large. But it could be easily said that root cause is a drug problem and until there is a zero tolerance policy in force, girls will sell themselves to support their habit. They will also spread STD's since virtually all of them have one. It would come as no surprise if the murderer is also addicted to drugs, since 80% of violent crime is drug related.

And yet this is all dressed up with euphemisms to hide the terrible reality.

We need to be aware of what the issues are here, the real issues, not the flabby, unconvincing PC crap handed out by the Public broadcasting organisation that we pay for.

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