Boxing Violence and why it should stop

In 2006

  • 8 fighters died violently outside of the ring in criminal incidents
  • 9 fighters died of brain conditions, either as a direct result or from conditions commensurate with boxing injuries.
  • 1 boxer died as a direct result of an injury sustained in the ring.

That is 18 deaths this year alone, directly related to the "sport" of boxing.

In 2005, 8 men died as a direct result of injuries sustained in the Boxing ring, shortly after fighting.

Some say boxing gives young people discipline and a purpose. So did the Hitler Youth, but that didn't make it right.

Former World Featherweight champion Scott Harrison's career is in tatters after a string of alcohol related violent incidents. Recently released from a Spanish jail, Harrison also faces court appearences over a series of incidents in Scotland.

How many Equestrian promoters have criminal records?
How many racing drivers have died of brain injuries this year?
How many marathon runners are convicted rapists?
How many former footballer have been shot this year?

It is time to stop this quasi criminal activity, that masquerades as sport, and make it illegal.

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