A Cover Up at Number Ten?

Downing Street aides and Labour officials involved in the cash-for-honours inquiry are being investigated on suspicion of perverting the course of justice - according to a report published today in The Times.

This is potentially much more serious than the original cause of the investigation and carries a possible life sentence.

More people are to be questioned under caution, including Jonathan Powell the Number 10 Chief of Staff and Lord Levy once more.

Given Lord Levy's intention of not being the fall guy in all this adds another twist and an indication that Tony Blair is not yet scott free.

How long can we give him now? If Powell or other senior people are arrested I do not see how Blair can hang on. Having said that, he's a bastard without a conscience and it may be he stays until it is obvious he will be pushed. Certainly Nixon waited until Impeachment was certain and this thing is looking like Watergate with everyday that passes, not forgetting it was the cover-up that got Tricky Dickie.

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