The fight back has begun

A Christian couple in their seventies who were interrogated by Police in response to a complaint by their local council, over their views on homosexuality, have been awarded £10,ooo compensation.

Here is the story as reported by the BBC (Bear in mind the BBC's open bias in favour of

Their "crime"? Requesting that Christian literature be distributed alongside gay rights leaflets.

The Police and the Council have now had to apologise to the couple.

This is not about me being homophobic. Gays are entitled to partake in society on an equal basis, but I think they do rather, don't you? I mean, they are already vastly over represented at the BBC and in Parliament and other mass media.

Christians, on the other hand put up with every last bit of crap and bile, including unfettered blasphemy. Christians do not threaten retaliation in blood. Perhaps if they did, certain cowardly liberals would think twice about forcing their fascist political correctness on the rest of us.

I would have thought that the Police in particular would have learned lessons already about their attitudes to Christians (cf the GPA's unfair advertising campaign). As for local councils, they tend to attract people without brains, so its not surprising that some twit got all hoity toity about this.

We will fight back. We as Christians believe in not judging people but we also believe that the Word of God is exactly what is says on the dust jacket. We are a Religion. Our beliefs are shared by a majority in the West and we demand the right to express that Religion as we believe.

More importantly we demand the right to think and speak freely. Noisy minorities with malign agendas will not stop us.

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Cynnie said...

I'm a fairly devout catholic..
But i was raised holy roller baptist..
They are the most unloving , self righteous group in the world ..
I'm more fearful of them than i'll ever be afraid of muslims