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No, you edible panty eaters... it's me, COLONEL MUSTARD, once again, effortlessly hacking in to the Wrinkled Scrotum's blog, just because I can!!! Regular readers may think I am being harsh at this season of goodwill, but honestly I think the direction of goodwill should be one-way. Gordon Brown has brought no Christmas cheer, but he is after all Scottish.
Poor Gordon is the princess that will never get to kiss the right frog. (from what I have heard privately). Perhaps he should send round a box of Sushi to number 10, courtesy of Itsu Sushi.
Now this is Christmas and time to remember those less fortunate so the Colonel's message to you all:

Finish your beer - there's sober kids in India.

As if that is not enough, channel four have asked me to address the nation on Christmas day, dressed in a suit, tie and polished oxford shoes, which just goes to show what degenerate pervs they all are.
Your Best Mate

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* (asterisk) said...

"Edible panty eaters"? Have you been watching too much Curb Your Enthusiasm?