Looking thro' Margaret Gilmore's eyes

Christmas is coming, but not for some, like me, who saved with Farepak. I was looking forward to a nice bit of tinned ham.

I have been busy in the kitchen making scones and sticking a little snowman on my Marks and Spencer individual Christmas cake. I have just bought this handy make-your-own Christmas card set from QVC and so I shall be busy this evening making my own cards. Damaris will be surprised when she gets hers. Then I shall have to think of a few others to send them to.

This is the time of year when the BBC makes me stand outside some anonymous building talking about some meeting or other that may have happened inside, three hours before. But I will let you into a secret – the cameraman and I have pre-recorded a couple of generic “standing outside” reports to file in the event of my being in with a nice mug of Barley Cup and the latest Mma Ramotswe.

The reports go a bit like this:-

Well, Hugh, we havn’t yet had confirmation, but early reports indicate a lot of activity in the building behind me where a meeting was held between the concerned parties two hours ago. No one has yet been available for comment but a source close to the department has expressed deep concern/shock/surprise.

(We can edit the last bit)

Billy, the cameraman thought it was a hoot and not a bad little earner since he gets £250 an hour “inconvenience” money for filming outdoors.

Well I have treated myself to a dozen bottles of good Chablis for Christmas and some Ferrero Rocher and I shall look forward to hunkering down to a night in front of the television. You never know, I might be on!!! I shall make sure I don’t miss the Crimewatch Christmas Special or Cannon and Ball at the Bournemouth Festival Hall.

Better go. I feel a bit weepy.

Love Margaret x

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