More Airline Fascism

Now it's BMI.

BMI airlines has banned a female stewardess from taking her personal Bible on flights to Saudi Arabia.

You can read the story here

According to Saudi Laws you cannot "import" religious books into the country apart from the good old Koran, that paragon of liberality and cheer.

This in a country where you can still be beheaded, stoned and cut up at the behest of the state, and where, currently, our government is conniving to cover up state approved corruption.

BMI, just like their counterparts in BA are pusilanimous bastards who are quite happy to take a pop at their own staff because it seems like the least line of resistance.
We cannot let this continue. We must take a stand.


Serf said...

Its a conspiracy by George Monbiot.

Soon there will be no airlines left for us to fly, and he will be happy.

wrinkled weasel said...

Thank you for visiting, Serf. Yes George Monbiot gets on my threepenny bits too.