A heart-rending email

I just received this email from someone I don't know:

Dear Sir

My name is Gordon Ubangi Brown. I am high up in the government of my country. Your name has been given to me because you are an esteemed member of the British Empire. I have proposal for you, and you alone. I have misappropriated on your esteemed behalf, a sum of £2,000,000,000,000. It is sitting in a bank somewhere, but I am afraid that I am unable to access it due to the terrible regime in my country. I need to find an honest person who can bank this money for me, and you Mr Weasel seem eminently suited to the task.

I plead with you to help me, and not tell someone called Harriet Harman. If you wish to assist me please send, forthwith the details of your bank account and your password. As you know, I already take a considerable amount of your income from you already, so you can trust me. If you could also provide the details of all the final salary schemes, and where I can plunder them, I would be in your debt.

Yours sincerely



subrosa said...

Love it WW. I receive around 2 of these a week into my main email box. Are peopled fooled any longer?

Until last year many clients of visitscotland were fooled by such emails asking for accommodation. Fortunately I wasn't one of the fools as I've been online for 20 years but I can understand why the older generation (who perhaps have suddenly decided to embrace technology) are taken in by these, at times quite authentic, emails.

Faux Cu said...


by the way my word verification was


How do you do that honestly!

Lawson Narse said...

He has sent similar mails to Robert Mugabe.

Bob wasn't interested due to Sterling's poor exchange rate against the Zimbabwean Dollar.

However,Bob suggested begging letters to the IMF might be more productive.