One of the dubious pleasures of blogging and contributing to some of the great blogs is that you get accused of being what you are not.

I won't go into a list, but I have had everything thrown at me, and for all I know, some of it is true, for I am always prepared to consider another point of view.

But the funniest thing I get called is a Tory, usually because I hang around at Iain Dale's.

Now, some of this I put down to ignorance. People assume that Dale's is a Tory love in, but anybody who has read it for as long as I have, about four years, knows this is not true, and indeed is indicative of right of centre discourse which generally will not shut down debate, as Labour blogs do when they are inevitably cornered with the fatuousness of their own logic.

For those who somehow think I am a Tory, I ask this question; what is the current Tory political agenda?

I don't know. The Conservative Party is a broad church as they say. Many in the party are quietly despairing of David Cameron's lack of backbone - his obsession with the way things look, as opposed to a clear direction, or as they say these days a coherent "narrative". Despite having the worst Government in history he frequently fails to put up a robust opposition.

For the record, I vote SNP, since they espouse common sense Socialist policies that are about serving the people and not tyrannising them. New Labour is not a Socialist party - let's get that straight. They are an authoritarian, nihilist left-leaning liberal party, more Mussolini Fascist than Marxist, that believes in revenge and destruction of our way of life, on the tenuous premise that it will do us good and is somehow "right". Their aim is to create a master race, an unthinking ochlocracy that will obey and follow.

Gradually, the public sector has been populated by those who obey. Those who do not obey or have different views are ostracised.

So now to the point.

If I lived in England I would not know how to vote. There is no where to go except to the right and straight into the hands of the BNP.

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Conan the Librarian™ said...

I suppose if I lived in England, I'd have to vote for the ecofascists...the WV is grent.