Summer of Rage

According to Reuters news agency:

Police said on Monday they feared a "summer of rage" with mass protests over the economic crisis that could mar Prime Minister Gordon Brown's G20 summit in London in April.

What makes this potentially more explosive is the discontent generally felt by all.

Environmental campaigners are planning to set up a camp in the capital's financial district on April 1 when the G20 leaders arrive, while other groups are planning action for what they have dubbed "Financial Fools Day."

say Reuters.

Other groups are also planning rallies to protest at Israeli action in Gaza and ongoing military action in Afghanistan.

So it seems it is going to be a confederacy of protesters. What is dangerous about this is that it is no longer a single issue. It is all the issues coming together for one big party and they are talking to each other and they are all f mad.

Now this may be the cynic in me, but your humble Plod are not known for their gallantry and politeness when it comes to dealing with the great unwashed. I am therefore not convinced that the rushing through of the rule on photographing Police Officers is totally unconnected with events that will take place in April.

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subrosa said...

I read that too this morning WW. It seems the police have the intelligence that the usual protests at the G20 will shake us up and get us angry taxpayers out on the streets.

At times I wonder if they'll be anything left to protest about.