This is F Onederful!

Great news for petrolheads everywhere. The BBC, oh, bless them, I would gladly pay three times the licence fee, kiss their sweet ass, has relaunched the Formula One Grands Prix with the old "Chain" musical intro. Probably the most spine-tingling intro to any programme ever. And, unless I am very much mistaken, I don't have a copy... wait a minute I am very much mistaken!


subrosa said...

Formula what? The only formula I remember is baby milk.

Obviously a post for boys.

an ex-apprentice said...

subrosa you are culturally deprived.

Hear hear WW. F1 has not been the same without that intro. Legard is an unknown for me, but I'm glad they've got Brundle. I see all track sessions will be available on-line. Can't wait for Australia.
Brrrummm Brruuummmm.