Cameron to freeze BBC licence fee

just announced:

But is there a subtle message going on here - is Cameron fed up of Labour bias? The statement says (and it is very carefully worded)

The BBC also needs to maintain public support

Am I reading to much into this or is it a dig at the loss of credibility the BBC has suffered due to its biased reporting, lies, obscenity and faking of documentary footage and competitions?

Is that the first shot across the bows of this national disgrace? Will Dave get some cojones and chop off the head of this monstrosity?


Anonymous said...

We live in hope,perhaps he is keeping his powder dry till after the general election.This way they may just let the conservatives have a little publiciry.
Then tear it to shreds.

Anonymous said...

Lyons was interviewed on the PM programme radio 4 today and avoided any suggestion that the bbc is wasting money (taxis and bottled water in the £10's millions)or not giving value for money.
He stated the £80 million this amounted to is equal to the full budget of Radio 4 - unbelievable - where does the other 2,920 million go to?
All he proved is that he is part of the problem and will never be part of the solution.
One year freeze? - too little too late.