G20 - Don't go - Guest Blogger Electro Kevin

I am pleased to be able to welcome a guest commenter to Wrinkled Weasel's World, Electro Kevin. He has his own blog here: http://electro-kevin-electro-kevin.blogspot.com/ I have followed his blog for some years now and commend it to you.

EK used to be a police officer and it is fair to say he saw plenty of action. Nowadays Kevin drives high speed trains, including those fabulous Eurostar machines. I have always felt that the police don't get to talk freely about their work, for reasons that are understandable. I worked with some of them many years ago and my experience was that they are very heavily managed; in other words they do as they are told. The idea that they somehow make it up as they go along has always struck me as being nonsense. They are driven from above and it is obvious to me that there is often a political hand in what they do. Anyway, here is Kevin, he has seen it from the inside.

On the subject of policing which you'd asked me to explain on your blog.

I don't know what police tactics are nowadays - though they seem to be lock-down and divide as you say.

I would expect there to be far more intelligence gathering than there used to be before hand and interception of trouble makers etc.

As for the police's position as individuals ? Coppers can be a mercenary lot. They'll do what ever their paymasters tell them to - those principled enough not to enforce laws they don't believe in have left the job already. Coppers will be grasping for overtime in these straitened times and for job security. Expect to get a thorough spanking if you get too close and you're not in Muslim garb.

The problem I see with the G20 demos is that today's march was headed with a banner which said "Jobs Justice Environment" anyone who swells their numbers for whatever ideological reason (be it you're fed up with tax and leftist government or wanker Brown) will find themselves added to the head count and unwittingly allied with the wrong agenda.

The government will use these demos as a mandate to persue the greenist (stealth tax) agenda, the justice agenda (socialism).

We'll be told that jobs will come with greenism and 'justice' whilst Nu Lab use this as an excuse as to why we've been knocked back economically to the 1920s. "Your austerity is to pay to save the planet and it's what you told us to do."

My advice to anyone ? Don't go. EK

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electro-kevin said...

I don't drive those Eurostars now, I'm afraid. I moved out into the provinces some years ago.

Thanks for the links.

Thud said...

Besides the police reaction I would have no wish to rub shoulders with the various manic crusties,jihadista and anarchists present.