MSM loses control of the media narrative

Recently Derek Draper, he of the Labour List blog and exaggerated psychology qualifications, has been singlehandedly defending Labour against the attacks of the blogosphere and the phenomenon that is Daniel Hannan. Don't worry folks, Derek Draper is not important. Remember Derek Hatton, another cheeky lefty chappy who infested the media for a moment? He has "self-actualised" as fellow phony psychobabblers say, and now drives a 60 grand Range Rover and sells holiday apartments in Cyprus.

There is a time for a loud mouth pub bore. They provide a breath of fresh air for pomaded pundits and guilt ridden Guardianistas. This is his moment. They know he is filth but the Establishment loves a bit of rough to play with. He is doing the job they cannot possibly be seen to do and that is kick the Tories.

No, Draper will pass - and quite quickly, because respectable Labour voters won't want to associate with him; the ordinary working people who form the productive part of the economy and still inexplicably vote Labour.

What I find fascinating is the way the media has handled it, and the narrative, both on the BBC and Channel Four is that Hannan is a maverick unknown who got lucky on Youtube. What they cannot afford to do is to acknowledge that they have lost control of the agenda and can no longer rely on the love in between the editors of Today, Newsnight and others, and the Government spin doctors.

They have lost control of the media. They know it, and frankly they are increasingly looking like an aetheist who wakes up one morning to find God sitting at the end of his bed.

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Conand said...

I don't really have anything to add to that Weasel, but by God that isn't going to deter me from posting a comment!
All I can do is repond in the Parliamentary idiom: 'Hear, hear, hear, hear, hear!'